Variable Spring Hangers

Variable spring hangers are devices which bear the weight of pipes which, because of thermal  variations or other causes undergo vertical displacements at their points of support.  Ca.S.T.Im.’s spring hangers are essentially formed by a coil spring on which acts a piston to which  is applied the load that compresses the spring. The unit is contained in a cylindrical housing formed  in turn by two sheet-metal shells, welding connected to two ring-like end printed plates.
The housing thus has two longitudinal slots which allow inspection of all the coils of the spring.
When, however, for uses in special atmospheric conditions, a different form of construction could be  requested in which the upper plate of the housing is connected by bolts, instead of by welding.
For this type the springs are coated with thermoplastic materials and the housing is protected with a  hot dip galvanizing process.
For use in very corrosive atmospheres, and in addition, or alternatively, at high temperature,  the wholly welded type is supplied, made to order in stainless steel and with the spring also in stainless steel.