Communication Terminals


Mercury 2+ Terminal

Mercury HMI Ltd have launched a new version of their long established Mercury Operator Terminal.

The Mercury 2+ is a form, fit and function replacement for the Mercury  2e. Designed for use in Hazardous areas, its rugged construction and Intrinsically Safe certification enable it to be used in Zone 0 (Div 1) locations, in the presence of flammable vapours and gases, and Zone 1 in the presence of dust hazards, within an operating temperature range of -20°C to +60°C.

The Mercury terminal is simple to install, easy to use and maintenance free. These characteristics, combined with its suitability for areas where wash down procedures are required, make the Mercury 2+ the ideal product for year round outside use – even in the harshest environment.

Optional plug-ins, for such applications as personnel access checking or batch recipe        selection, include the high security Wiegand card reader. Other card reader options available are the EM, Mifare and HID Proximity card readers.

The Mercury 2+ retains the look and feel of the Mercury 2e and is fully        compatible with all existing installations, whilst offering improved performance through the use of entirely new electronics and firmware. This has been rewritten in a modular form to allow greater flexibility for the customer.