Constant Spring Hangers

Constant spring hangers are devices which bear the weight of pipes which, because of thermal variations  or other causes undergo vertical displacements at their points of support.  Ca.S.T.Im. 2000’s constant spring hangers are essentially formed by a coil spring, by an arm,  connected to the spring by an articulated tie-rod and by a frame. The kinematic motion is made so that for a certain rotation of the arm around the main pivot,  the load C which opposes the spring’s action maintains the constant value, given by:

C =k*(R*h*b)/c

in which: C = load on pipes k = constant value R = spring rate h = defined geometrical value b = variable geometrical value c = support travel
The calibration and regulation of the load of Ca.S.T.Im.2000 constant spring hangers occurs by changing the length b of the arm in which the spring’s action is exerted.